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Game Review: Civilization V Gods and Kings

August 1, 2012

General Alex Nuta No Comments

Well, I really would love to hate this game, because I’ve never really gotten into turn-based strategy games, but the fact is Civilization V is the best turn-based strategy game I’ve ever played.

Yes, it’s long to get through a game, yes, it’s annoying to wait while the computer calculates the other players’ turns, but the depth, detail, technology tree and all the other factors in the game like spies, diplomacy and unit upgrades are pretty good, easy and intuitive to play.

Combat is straightforward, and you have a pretty good idea of the result before you throw your forces into the fray. I’m not sure if that adds to, or takes away from the experience…

That’s not to say that the game doesn’t have a few shortcomings ranging from the aggressive AI to the stupid things that a Worker on automatic improvements will build and then build over, but overall, this is just a good game.

The cutscenes are cool, if brief, and don’t take too much away from the action, I say action, but really, in a turn-based game, you don’t exactly sweat…

Diplomacy is kind of simplistic, and neighbours are virtually guaranteed to hate you simply because they’re near you and will covet your lands. The replay value, of course, is huge just because of the many civilizations you can choose from, each of which have specific units and  individual flavors.

One weird thing you’ll get, if you’re a history buff, is a little disconcerted at the Mayans building the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus or the Romans building the Pyramids, and while playing on the Earth map, I have yet to start a campaign in the correct geographic

location… but I guess we’re not striving for accuracy here.

For a much more detailed, professional review of Civilization V at Gamespot, click here.

Time to go, but first, just one more turn… 🙂

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