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Should world leaders have to take a psych evaluation?

April 8, 2013

General Alex Nuta 1 Comment

Almost two decades ago I was a candidate for a crappy sales job at a big box electronics store. They told me that if I wanted to work at their store I’d have to pass a psychological exam. I remember saying “I think *you*’re crazy, but it’s your money, so sure”.

At the time I couldn’t understand why an employer would spend money evaluating prospect psychologically for a crappy sales job. Later I worked out that if you’re going to give a young guy access to literally a storehouse of high end electronics, you’ve got to play the odds an not hire just anyone off the street.

Some time ago I read this report on the CJAD 800 website. It seems our own Pauline Marois, Prime Minister of Quebec has effectively promised to be intolerant to minority religions, reduce rights and availability of English education.

With a smile and to thunderous applause in the house, she “vowed to take a firm stance against the accommodation of religious minorities.” adding that “Quebec’s values must be respected.” The way I read this sound bite, it sounds like “Catholic” is the way to go, and if you’re not, well tough cookies.

The first thing I thought when I read this was… Where’s her psych evaluation? If you work in a store with valuable gadgets someone’s smart enough to go “Hold on. Maybe we should try to figure out if this boy’s gonna rob us blind.”, but if you’re electing a world leader… “Here are the keys to the province. Good luck.” In our case, it just may be that she’s patently crazy. It’s the only explanation I can find for the brink of “political suicide” that many of her public speeches have come close to.

Since then, of course, linguistic intolerance and xenophobia have been the hallmarks of the Marois administration, prompting ever more strongly the question, in my mind: Is. She. Crazy?

What qualifications should our leaders have? What guarantees are we, as citizens, allowed which ensure that our leaders are not crackpots? And what are our immediate remedies, if we realize we’ve made a terrible mistake? Immediate as in “we don’t have to suffer until the next election cycle, giving our living error enough time to screw things up royally…

Ironically we are better protected from buying a defective toaster than selecting a deficient leader, and I think that ought to change. I think there should be a large red “Whoa there!” button that comes with public office, and if enough people press it, the current administration should be brought to a screeching, crashing halt.

Perhaps I’m an idealist, but with today’s technology this could actually happen. I’d love to see it happen. I’d love to be a part of making it happen.

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    Gabs Apr 08, 2013

    They should, but I suspect it’d be slim pickins after the test. I don’t like Pauline Marois. I would not have voted for her. I don’t know how we’d feel if a psych test excluded a candidate we truly believed in and thought would change the world. It’s sometimes hard to say in the moment because tests aren’t always good indicators, and people can lie through them too. Even with the tests, it is a democracy (democrazy) and it sucks when you aren’t in the majority…

    If you ask me though, I think anyone who wants to be in any sort of leadership position in world politics is by default crazy…


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