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SimpleScripts – Mojo Marketplace – Bluehost disaster

July 5, 2013

Once every few years, a company fucks up so completely, so thoroughly, that I use the word “Fuck” in public. Such is the case of Mojo Marketplace.

Who is Mojo Marketplace?

It used to be a third rate reseller of deep discount WordPress, Joomla and Magento themes, but I guess the 10 themes for $30 deal is working because they’ve recently bought out SimpleScripts, a fantastic SaaS utility that installed packages like WordPress, Magento, Joomla and tons of other open source distributions on what used to be my favourite web host:

Like a brick to the face, from one day to the next, Mojo’s “Single Click Installs” replaced “SimpleScripts”, and since then NOT ONE INSTALLATION HAS FUNCTIONED.

Not. One.

Not vTiger, not WordPress, not Feng, not even simple crappy PHP chat software. This company can’t do anything right.

It’s not so much that Mojo Marketplace has replaced SimpleScripts. It’s more like “SimpleScripts is discontinued. Would you like to buy a discount template for a program you’ll have to install yourself?”

Now Bluehost is every bit the victim here too, as they got the rug pulled out from under them when SimpleScripts were bought out, but the whole reason I went with them was how easy it was to turn around a new website for a customer. SimpleScripts, integrated with the Bluehost Cpanel, was helping me turn out a new website a month, and saving me hours of installation and verification of setting up the plain packages by hand. If I’m going to have to install all this stuff manually, I may as well move all hosting back onto my own servers in-house. At least that way I’ll get better performance, if not better bandwidth than what I’m seeing now.

A Bluehost technician confided in me saying “I also miss the other simple scripts system. Yes this is the new standard, where most programing things don’t always function the way the programmer intended it to due to unforeseen circumstances.”

I guess he means the scripts don’t manage unexpected circumstances… like a non-empty .htaccess file.

I think that may be a clue. It turns out the the accounts that have been active the longest are the ones that have problems. New accounts seem to work better, for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s that the installers assume an empty system, or can’t handle non-null values for certain options or files. SimpleScripts never had this problem.

It’s all been very frustrating. Right now I’d put Bluehost, Simple Scripts and Mojo in a bag, close it up and hit them with a stick, and I wouldn’t even care which of them got the worst of it.

I don’t know what the fuck these people were thinking…


P.S. In the mood for a laugh at our collective expense? Check out my Mojo Marketplace Diary of Fail.

UPDATE 2013-07-09: I managed to install one thing through Mojo!!! I feel giddy. More details on the Diary of Fail.

UPDATE 2013-07-10: JR from Mojo corrected a few things and let me in on a couple of bits of information:

  1. Mojo and SimpleScripts were/are both part of the Bluehost family.
  2. The SimpleScripts software developers have joined the Mojo team and are now working together as a single team.
  3. The problems encountered by customers are mostly related to switching over to the new user interface.
  4. These issues have been given the highest priority for the development team and they’re working hard to fix them.

I was very happy to hear from Mojo, and to find out they’re listening. I’ll keep updating this post as more information becomes available.

UPDATE 2013-07-11: Heads up, guys! If you’re trying to install software through Mojo, DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS. Some characters either end up stripped, or the whole password is emptied… I don’t know which, but whatever error-checking is being done by the installer, the input field isn’t validating in the same way. I have successfully installed scripts that originally failed by using simple passwords initially, then later changing to a stronger password, after the installer completes.

UPDATE 2013-09-10: Well, two months later since JR from Mojo contacted me to tell me that they will spare no effort to make this work and STILL NOTHING FUCKING WORKS. So I’m calling you out, JR. You are full of it. All installations at this point are manual, and all updates have to be done from within the software itself. Fortunately WordPress has internal update functionality. AS OF NOW, THERE IS NO REASON TO GO WITH BLUEHOST or any other host using Mojo installers. From dismal performance to excruciatingly painful site management and, lest we forget ENTIRE DAYS OF OUTAGE, it just has nothing to recommend it but price. Savings only go so far when YOUR SITE DIES, so folks… steer clear.

If you have suggestions for alternatives, please comment of PM me your suggestions, particularly if they have a decent installer that works.

Did this article help you? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Stephen Pfaff Jul 09, 2013

    After recently logging into my Host (hostmonster) I was also confronted with simplescripts being swapped out for Mojo. Sadly nothing works, so I searched mojo marketplace wont fucking install anything. I was led to your post and after confirming my suspicions… I’ve died a little inside. Good usage of the word Fuck, SEO points for you sir!

      Alex Nuta Jul 09, 2013

      I really appreciate your comment. I was starting to think that someone had it in for me personally. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I had no idea Hostmonster stumbled into the same situation. It helps clarify things for me. Clearly it’s Mojo’s incompentence that’s the problem here.

        BILL COOPER Dec 11, 2015

        ALEX, the use of the the F word by you is so utterly disappointing! I believe this sounds better: MOJO MARKETPLACE FUCKING SUCKS TO THE GD MOFO MAX!!! If I could get hold of the owner or CEO, I would “VERBALLY” RIP HIS/HER MOTHER FICKING HEART OUT!!!! Now, Alex, I hope you feel much better! ; )

        BILL COOPER Dec 11, 2015

        And now I just realized that your issue with MOJO was in 2013, and they are still having the same issues at the end of 2015, WOW!!!!

          Alex Nuta Dec 11, 2015

          That is an impressive level of incompetence don’t you think? They really couldn’t get any closer to being functional in over 2 years. And this despite assurances from them in reaction to this series of posts.

            Peter Reck Dec 11, 2015

            Hostmonster has deteriorated to a point of dysfunction that was no longer acceptable to me.
            SiteGround has been *excellent* both in quality of service and customer support!

        BILL COOPER Dec 11, 2015


      caprivhia Sep 10, 2013

      yeaaa.. MOJO SUCK!!!!!!

      my installation and uninstalling process at MOJO mostly stuck! when it is success… only Bluehost advertisement appears.. what happen to you????

      lora May 28, 2016

      I need to find where Mojo Marketplace is located cause I am going to complain to he BBB They simply stole my money.

    LQ Jul 09, 2013

    I am experiencing this also. Thanks for your explanation as to how Bluehost is involved. I thought they had made a bad business decision. My blog is nonexistent. I can’t upgrade, delete, or reinstall my website. Mojo has no customer service phone number. You get an email address or their Twitter name. I’m dead in the water until they get their act together.

      Alex Nuta Jul 09, 2013

      Too right, LQ. Dead in the water is dead right. All we have left is to install things manually and stop pretending that Bluehost has any kind of installer.
      In Bluehost’s defence, it really is not their fault, they got blindsided by incompetence. Unfortunately for Bluehost, the ability to quickly deploy simple websites was the top reason I went with them. I have multiple accounts and several websites hosted, and for the first time in years I’m researching alternatives. It’s too bad, really.
      On the lighter side I’ve decided to keep a Mojo Fail journal of my latest attempts, for the amusement of all. Check it out:

    Aaron Jul 09, 2013

    Is there another word more shocking than the f-bomb? If so, BH’s switch to Mojo deserves it.

    I’ve got multiple clients with multiple domains per account. Used to be able to sweep through a series of BH cpanel logins, quickly upgrade sets of WordPress using Simple Scripts in one click, then move on. Now I have to upgrade each domain individually. Oh… and Mojo BREAKS the upgrade so I have to call BH to restore the site so I can log in through the WP admin panel to upgrade WP from within.

    Under NO circumstances would a responsible sysadmin who wasn’t getting a kickback from Mojo, have installed this crapware without testing it internally at BH, then releasing it on no more than 5% of the servers to see what is being experienced, and only then gradually rolling it out with a plan to restore SimpleScripts until Mojo gets its act together.

    And I’m getting REALLY tired of the ugly “flat” look everywhere. Mojo’s theme marketplace with its useless icons representing themes (instead of informational thumbnails facilitating quick browsing), is something that screams “security risk”.

    Great article. You really nailed it.

      Hiro Aug 05, 2015

      I signed up to Bluehost a few months ago. ALmost clicked the Mojo one-click install but I didn’t. Not that it helped…. I got an email from Mojo-Marketplace the next day. Also I couldn’t help but get the feeling that Bluehost sounded more like a MLM company, than a Hosting company. Endless talk of affiliates, etc, etc. This is typical MLM scam lingo. Digging further, I noticed that Bluehost is operating out of Provo Utah. The state of Utah is home to all the major MLM types like Nu Skin, XanGo, SunRider, and 12 others. Check out Wikipedia for info on MLM in Utah….. shocking.

    Phil Jul 24, 2013

    Fuck is just one of the words i have for this and the Mojo BS!!!! I loved Bluehost, everything worked, fast and stable. Now with this Mojo crap i try since 2 days to install another WordPress and nothing works. Bluehost Sup trys to help, Mojo Sup sound in the Mail like i talk to some 14y old in a CoD Forum and only tells Basic Shit without really helping!

    God nows “Fuck” is the sweetest Word i have for this……… *Deep breath take*

    Gabrielle Jul 31, 2013

    Words Fail me!. I was so pissed off tonight when I came across bloody mojo for the 1st time when I went to setup a new domain.When I read “Our login process can take a minute because our super advanced alien technology is checking against our flux capacitor…..” I just new there was going to be trouble. It was . I had no interest in ”cute speak'” I just wanted to get the job done. As for taking your password advice –I wasn’t lucky enough to get that far. Blue Host is ruined if they don’t get this sorted smartly.

      Jorge H. Aug 03, 2013

      DITO felt exactly the same

    Jorge H. Aug 03, 2013

    MOJO is a complete nightmare. I really used to like BH, but I just created a new account and wow….this shit upselling MOJO, its even not working. Who ever came up with the MOJO design …wow….performance is down the toilet..MOJO crap is the reason why I will cancel my account…

    GS Aug 18, 2013

    Thank you, Alex. Your post reflects my own recent sentiments, and then some…

    I have been a HostMonster (same as BlueHost) user for many many years. I have established and used several hosting accounts under my name and dozens of recommendations for others (and help to others) to use HostMonster.I currently have two BEFORE the horror story that follows. The main reasons for my enthusiasm and loyalty were: 1. The ease of use of SimpleScripts (admittedly not perfect) that made possible to establish an account and to get it up and running in no time and 2. There 24×7 capable tech support. This weekend, I have been going through the EXACT opposite. This is not my first negative encounter with Mojo, but certainly the worst and a likely cause for me to switch hosting providers.

    Here is my recent story:

    Early pm Friday I established a brand new hosting account with HostMonster including a new domain (purchased in the process). Have done it many times. And like in the past, I rushed into SimpleScript (yes, this is still the name one it) to install some packages. In the third or so step, when asked “Select which domain you would like to install to:”, the popup menu was populated only with an IP address – not a domain. And it would not install onto the IP address either.

    I spoke several times with Tech Support (total of over 3 hours easy). They were friendly (except for the one that said that I should contact Mojo). They were all equally useless in explaining, let alone solving the problem. The only explanation I was getting was that the new domain has not yet propagated “sufficiently” for Mojo to list it although (and I checked) for HM and every one else to catch it. So I asked them to remove the account and recreate it. Three different guys (and others “behind/above” them told me that they can’t and that I have two options: 1. Wait until 24 hours have passed from the time I purchased the domain (and established the account) to allow “more” propagation, or 2. Cancel the new account, get my money back and then create a new account with the same domain.

    Since I got fed up with this experience, I decided to wait… It is now 36+ hours after the purchase, and Mojo remains defiant… The unpleasant-looking, patched-eye, chopped-hand, little green ugliness known as Mojo continues to render my new HostMonster account useless while grinning at me annoyingly.

    Lastly, here is a teachable moment… I moved to HostMonster after several happy years with LunarPages.I made the switch following a series of similar symptoms – bad server configuration and terrible customer support. Let’s hope that HostMonster/BlueHost will recognize the symptoms before the illness becomes terminal.

    Anne Marie Aug 20, 2013

    Thanks, Alex. Your post was the first hit I got on my “simplescripts mojo bluehost nightmare” search. It hasn’t solved my problem, but it made me stop doubting myself.

      Alex Nuta Aug 20, 2013

      It’s not you.
      It’s Mojo.

      Incidentally, they have started just closing tickets without resolving them.
      I meant to add that to my Fail page, but haven’t gotten around to it.

      Is that your experience as well?

      Andrea Sep 06, 2013

      I feel ya. My husband kept saying it was a PICNIC issue and I was like I swear I didn’t create this fuckup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JW Aug 21, 2013

    Hello Management, (sent to [email protected])

    Our company has been with you guys for several years now, along with having about 85-90 domains currently registered with BlueHost.

    We are very concerned over the recent change over with “Mojo” dealing with SimpleScripts. Getting straight to the point, Mojo it is a piece of sh*t! We would like to stay with you guys, but something has to change for the better ASAP.

    Our clients have been brought over to BlueHost also, and last thing we want is for them to questioned our decision for referring them to you.

    Take a visit online and see what your customers are saying… “We are not happy with the utilization of Mojo interface with SimpleScripts and want things back like they were!

    Best Regards,


    JW Aug 21, 2013

    Hello All,

    I have been working with BlueHost tech support and they been great in keeping a positive outlook. Sadly though, it didn’t properly address the on-going issue with MOJO’s SimpleScripts fiasco. After my third or fourth conversation with BlueHost tech support team, I finally through in the towel and requested immediate assistance with the MANUAL installation of WordPress.

    I thought I would get some type of resistance wit such a request, but I was pleasantly surprised that they assisted and the WordPress manual installation was done in about 3-5 minutes! (Truthfully, I believe with all the complaints they have been receiving I think they have them process memorized. LOL…)

    The website they initially referred me to for manual installation was:

    From here I was directed to “Famous 5-Minute Install”.

    Anyway, I our company has decided to stay with BlueHost as we keep our fingers cross awaiting their reply back from the recent email we had sent them (see previous posting).

    Much Success,


    JW Aug 21, 2013

    Hello Everyone,

    We’ve been working with BlueHost tech support and they been great in keeping a positive outlook. Sadly though, it didn’t properly address the on-going issue with MOJO’s SimpleScripts fiasco. After my third or fourth conversation with BlueHost tech support team, I finally through in the towel and requested immediate assistance with the MANUAL installation of WordPress.

    I thought I would get some type of resistance wit such a request, but I was pleasantly surprised that they assisted and the WordPress manual installation was done in about 3-5 minutes! (Truthfully, I believe with all the complaints they have been receiving I think they have them process memorized. LOL…)

    The website they initially referred me to for manual installation was:

    From here I was directed to “Famous 5-Minute Install”.

    Anyway, I our company has decided to stay with BlueHost as we keep our fingers cross awaiting their reply back from the recent email we had sent them (see previous posting).

    Much Success, JW

    Jeff Aug 22, 2013

    mojo SUCKS – i cant install shit with them (hostmonster)

    Getting ready to cancel MY 85+ domains and go to godaddy, this is very frustrating!

    vince Aug 26, 2013

    Wish I would have found this before trying out a new install of WP to an add-on domain in Bluehost. Mojo installed WP not in the add-on domain directory, but in the main directory, destroying the blog I’ve had for 5 years that I put thousands of hours into.

      Alex Nuta Aug 26, 2013

      That hurts and stings. Do you have any technical details as to what happened? Hopefully someone else might find the information before they ruin their installation.

      Though my blog is far less active than yours, I can definitely picture myself in your shoes…
      Let us know.

    AtomicSeb Aug 28, 2013


    I wish I’d read your site before pushing on thinking “Oh it will work the same way as SimpleScripts”.
    Being a user of intermediate ability I was unable to rectify the issue when MOJO through up an error in upgrading Joomla 2.5 to 3.1. Even the backup failed to repair the damage done to the database. I now have a completely screwed website that I am having to reinstall from scratch. Fortunately it was only a test site, but there was still a lot of work on that site which is now lost.
    I’m fuming and realistically I can only blame Bluehost. As I have 25 days left on my account I am going to look elsewhere. Any recommendations??


    Aaron Sep 02, 2013

    Just emailed BH a list of the 184 domains I’m moving from them in October if this isn’t fixed by then.

    Yes, manual updating via FTP works, but this isn’t practical with so many upgrades to do.

    Also… can you fix your comment form so that if the captcha changes by the time you finish composing your comment and the Send Comment sends you to a page saying the captcha is wrong, that back-paging doesn’t erase the comment?

    This is my third attempt at writing this comment. Now I’m going to capture the text because I’m going to have to enter this again, quick enough to not get captcha-refreshed again.

    Andrea Sep 06, 2013

    They have deleted my 5,000 page website twice in one night. Right now pending on hold for 35 minutes to get them to fix it again. I told my husband this wasn’t a PICNIC issue – they deleted my sites and I cannot use the Mojo installer. It failed just like their themes have always failed. We no longer use their themes either and right now I am amazed I am so calm because I could go through the roof I am so mad. Glad to know I am not alone and not crazy – my husband kept saying are you sure you didn’t select the wrong domain….no…I’ve done this a few years and know to be cautious. They restored it the first time and I am hoping they can again. This is scary. #epicfail

    CNSP Sep 13, 2013

    simplescript is the crucial reason why I stayed with bluehost. I only found out now about this (non)Mojo thing, and I hated every bit of it, because I cannot upgrade my textpattern into 4.5.4 in “one-click.” THEY DO NOT OFFER “UPGRADE” option AT ALL. When I contacted bluehost, this is what I got from the customer service –
    great… thanks. I guess I am paying so that I have to do things myself.
    WOW it feels good to just let this frustration out.

    btw, do you recommend a better hosting site than bluehost?

    Steve Sep 19, 2013

    I am so glad I found this blog. I too thought it was only me because BlueHost has been a pretty good hosting company – never been disappointed in their tech support. I mostly do web stuff as a hobby, but boy, if I were like some of you with hundreds of websites to manage, I would be so pissed.

    I got an email from BlueHost saying I needed to upgrade Joomla from 1.5.x to 2.5 or higher. Based on what I am reading and because I’m just a casual user with modest technical skills, I will probably just install Joomla 3.1 by hand and not even mess with MOJO.

    DanZee Sep 29, 2013

    Similar experience with Mojo, and the “cure talk” only irritates me more.
    Get any good suggestions for another host yet?

    Wil Warren Nov 08, 2013

    I’ve got to add my own support to declaring this MOJO infestation at Bluehost to be a disaster. I also cannot make it work… and just a day ago had a most unusual experience. MOJO went down and somehow I got directly into the Simplescripts site and I was successful in installing 5 different modules, both Simple Machines and Vanilla Forums, on different web sites I manage. Wow! Everything worked – flawlessly! I got all installs done and suddenly, while working on one forum, MOJO popped back into the datastream and told me I had no installs. Ha ha! All my installs are still there, all are working, MOJO claims there are NO installs, Bluehost Tech support does not know how I got past MOJO, and I don’t care. I reported this event to them and they can figure it out. I also told them I’m migrating away from Bluehost after 5 years of great support – until MOJO showed up. I particularly commented about the ugly icon… that green goonish figure with the eye patch. Is it software piracy that they are advertising or promoting I wonder? My confidence in Bluehost has been eroded. I can’t think any manager at BH can be competent if they let a group like MOJO into their database. Sounds familiar actually. Hmmm… wonder if MOJO is working at the site? Naww. Well… maybe?

    radek Nov 20, 2013

    mojo SUCKS – I was pissed off after theme purchase. customer support is . I will never buy again.

    DanZee Nov 30, 2013

    Any recommendations as to which host to move to? I’m moving before I update my site(s).

      Alex Nuta Nov 30, 2013

      I don’t have recommendations at this time.
      I’ve decided to move back my hosting in-house, on my own servers.
      Sure, it’s more work, and a lot more cost, but at least I’m getting better performance.

        Dan Nov 30, 2013

        Thanks Alex. I think I’m moving over to Hostgator. My requirements are simple and they seem to have their act together.

    Ben Jan 13, 2014

    Same here. using bluehost for some practice sites. stopped practicing for a few months. then returned to find blanks where my sites used to be. and this error the following day..[an error occurred while processing this directive]. major B.S.

      Alex Nuta Jan 30, 2014

      It’s a good thing you weren’t in production on these sites.
      That’s happened to me a couple of times with actual customers too.

    TJ Leeland Jan 20, 2014

    Well, my experience with Bluehost support has been awful. They’re threatening to shutdown my entire account if I don’t remove database tables — tables that are there because I can’t UNINSTALL any of the test sites I’d created using Simple Scripts.

    They won’t even address the MOJO part — every email I’ve sent them asking for help with MOJO is ignored and they just keep telling me to remove databases. I had to find this site to discover why they were ducking the MOJO question.

    As it stands, if I don’t remove these databases with these extra tables, Bluehost is killing my account (with 11 months still paid!) tomorrow. If I just go in and start hacking databases I can kill the one or two domains I actually care about; not a valid support-provided solution.

    BLUEHOST SUPPORT HAS BEEN A COMPLETE FAIL ON THIS — and I’ve been with them for SEVERAL years and have THREE separate accounts with them. They aren’t the victim of MOJO if this is how they handle the problem.

      Alex Nuta Jan 30, 2014

      What did they finally do, TJ?
      Did you get any support from Bluehost on the leftover databases issue?

    Jeffrey Driver Jan 30, 2014

    I feel your pain. I despise Mojo Marketplace and am annoyed that my hosting provide swapped over to them. Nevermind being redirected to a third-party website, there are a number of issues and the legendary one-click install I once enjoyed no longer is a one-click installation.

    vicky Feb 02, 2014

    Did Mojo install a Mojo plugin into anyone else’s WordPress dashboard? it put one in mine and kept trying to sell me things. I didn’t know it was a plugin, Bluehost support told me. I got rid of it. But Bluehost says it is not normal to have it and that “malicious code” must have caused it to install. I do not buy that. The plugin was selling Mojo themes and widgets from the Mojo site, had the Mojo logo etc., it visually took over my durn dashboard.

      Alex Nuta Feb 02, 2014

      I have never heard of this. I think I’ll install a new WordPress site to see if this is a new thing.
      If so, this would be a new low for Mojo and Bluehost.

      Jeffrey Driver Feb 02, 2014

      The same thing happened to me. At first I was really annoyed until I discovered that it was just a plugin that I could delete. Still irritating though, just like the ‘Hello Dolly’ plugin that I have to delete after each install.

        vicky Feb 19, 2014

        I had asked Bluehost about it and the customer service person said he had no knowledge of the plugin and that it must be malware! I deleted it OK, but malware, lol… love how they keep their employees in the loop…

          Alex Nuta Feb 20, 2014

          I’m not sure it counts as malware, but I’m sure most people would agree it’s a pain in the butt…

    Zammo Feb 16, 2014

    My Mojo installs (ocPortal, WordPress) have worked OK – it’s just such a horrible business dealing with something that may be funny if you are 11 years old but leaves me cold. Simple scripts and fantastico before that were simple and effective

      Alex Nuta Feb 19, 2014

      My hosting is up for renewal, and I’m considering letting this account expire and getting a new account.
      I really have the feeling the the problem is not present for new customers, only old customers whose accounts predate the Mojo switch.
      Hopefully a completely new account will solve the configuration issues that lead to the one-click install failures.

    Ed Sun Feb 21, 2014

    Yup, we stepped in the Mojo pile as well – bought a theme and tried to install to iPage – failed. the message was as ambiguous as possible – unknown error. Reached out to iPage and they said it could be because of php.ini file size limitations – they fixed it, and we tried the install again. Nothing. I’ve contacted Mojo because we had a payment pending message on the install screen which we thought might be the cause of the failed install. Mojo (Lindsay) replied in a terse tone that she doesn’t understand what’s the correlation between the payment pending and install – apparently it’s unreasonable to juxtapose those two. We tried the install again the next day, and this time it “worked”. Well, not exactly. It SAID it worked, but in fact it didn’t install diddly. So iPage again helped us with FTPing the files over to the correct directory and getting the blog started.

    As far as the pending payment message, which apparently got stuck there since we initiated a previous purchase but never completed it, it’s apparently “a low priority” item. Yeah, I bet, plenty of MAJOR priority items seem to be needing a focus! Dearly.

    Mojo ain’t my mojo – I can get better deals, and service, somewhere else..

      Alex Nuta Feb 26, 2014

      Where? Where can you get better deals and service?
      My Bluehost hosting is ending next month and I absolutely have to find something better.

    Vicky Feb 26, 2014

    Scarily, I have a JustHost account too and I was thinking of moving my Bluehost sites to there, logged in and found that JustHost also has Mojo now. It’s contagious!

    Mike Mar 11, 2014

    It’s on iPage now and I can’t get past Mojo.. this SUCKS so bad.. I’m going to ‘Host then Profit’ (their stuff is in house, going to test it out) I think or host gator because this is the worst! It won’t even load a new domain and new site let alone all my other stuff.. And I just got up and going good.. Take care and all the best to you and I hope you find a solution, I’ve got to..


    Anil Mar 14, 2014

    They are still denying it and lying through their teeth. See the transcript below:

    [Initial Question] Provider: Bluehost – My Domain is: “” The Mojo marketplace doesn’t work. It just hangs there for ever. It says “Loading up your MOJO account… Almost there.” for the last 15 minutes.

    I just clicked on WordPress because I want to install it on one of my sites. I also tried Simple Scripts – no difference…
    (0:27) [System] Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
    (0:27) [ChatAutoAssigned] {“staffId”:”334″}
    (0:28) [Daniel L.] Thank you for contacting our Support Department. In order to assist you, I will need to validate your account. May I have the last 4 of your cPanel password or the last 4 of the credit card number you used to pay for your hosting? If you paid by PayPal, then I will need the invoice number for that payment. I am on multiple chats at one time I apologize for any delay in answers
    (0:29) [Anil] xxx
    (0:31) [Daniel L.] So mojo came up for me in about 7 seconds, and I am in now
    (0:31) [Anil] Well good for you!
    (0:31) [Anil] It doesn’t for me.
    (0:32) [Anil] I also tried clicking on one-click installs and it does the same thing
    (0:33) [Daniel L.] You can clear your cache, use a different browser, try a different computer, try a different network
    (0:34) [Anil] I have cleared my cache, but the other options are asking a lot, don’t you think?
    (0:34) [Anil] I don’t have problems on Pacific Host and Cirtex Hosting and several others I have used in the past….
    (0:35) [Daniel L.] I am not sure, as I can get in with no issues it would be something on your end, you can also try removing firewall on your computer
    (0:35) [Anil] I don’t use firewalls – even my McAfee firewall is disabled
    (0:36) [Anil] I am using Firefox 20
    (0:36) [Anil] Sorry 27.01
    (0:36) [Daniel L.] It would be an issue on your end you would want to try one of the other options then
    (0:36) [Anil] Is this tech support? Or did I click the wrong option?
    (0:38) [Daniel L.] Tech support yes, however we cannot help with issues that we cannot replicate
    (0:38) [Anil] Haha!
    (0:39) [Anil] Maybe you guys should look at this…
    (0:39) [Anil]
    (0:40) [Anil]
    (0:41) [Daniel L.] You can try the options I have listed, as I can get in on my laptop that is on a different isp as well
    (0:41) [Anil] Well, I guess thanx a lot for your “help”
    (0:41) [Daniel L.] Thank you for contacting our Support Department. If you have any other questions, please contact us via Chat, Phone or Ticket, and we will be glad to assist you. There is a survey at the end of the chat to let us know how we are doing. We appreciate your feedback.

    Have a great day!!
    (0:42) [ChatClosedByStaff] {“staffId”:”334″}

    Rae Mar 14, 2014

    Relieved to read this article about Mojo Marketplace. SimpleScripts was awesome. Hostmonster told me that SimpleScripts was indeed Mojo Marketplace – same people, same product, new branding. They were SO WRONG!!! SimpleScripts worked! Plain and simple. I still can’t get anything on Mojo to work. This includes templates and installs for both WordPress and Joomla. And the old installs I had don’t connect with the new Mojo Marketplace. There’s no legacy controls. They just said if you installed it on SimpleScripts then you have to manually uninstall it because Mojo doesn’t have the capability to do anything to the old installs. I’m rambling because I’m pissed and tired. Too many roadblocks I’ve never had before on simple projects I should be breezing by. URGH!!!!!

    Alex Nuta Mar 21, 2014

    Well, my deadline is in a week, and I’ll have no choice but to continue with Bluehost.
    I tried Arvixe hosting, that proved to be a train wreck. Horrible cpanel implementation, buggy and crashing all the time, and highly complicated space allocation rules.
    So it’s back to Bluehost, though I think I will switch to a higher-level plan. And in fact, to try to leave the old configuration behind, I will get a new account, switch my sites over, and discontinue the old account. This should allow me to test my theory that the problem is there only for old accounts that were created before the switch to Mojo.
    I’ll let you guys know how that works out.

    dirtmaker Mar 21, 2014

    When I clicked an innocent-looking icon in my Netfirms control panel, Netfirms signed me up for a Mojo Marketplace account without my knowledge or permission. The Mojo welcome email had “spam factory” written all over it. The instant I saw it, I knew that email address was toast. And it was. Six days later, I started getting a flood of spam on an email address which had not been spammed since I created it over five years ago. I documented the miserable experience at

    Linda Mar 24, 2014

    I didn’t realize Bluehost had been bought out by Mojo, and I recently registered a new domain/host package with them because they’ve been GREAT in the past for my other sites. Ever since this EFFIN MOJO crap, i’m getting SPAMMED LIKE CRAZY, those fockers! i think they sold my email address to web developers asking if i need help (uh no sorry, i’m a web developer). ANNOYING AS CRAP!

      Dan Zeitlin Mar 24, 2014

      So has anyone found a suitable replacement yet, and if so how was the transition?

      dirtmaker Mar 24, 2014

      Endurance International Group bought Mojo. And Bluehost is an ugly Endurance company. Endurance corrupts almost everything it buys. The web host Netfirms that I am leaving is an Endurance company that set me up with a Mojo account when I clicked an innocent-looking icon while exploring the control panel. I also started getting a ton of spam. And it happened on an email address that had not been previously compromised. I documented my experience at It looks like the collusion with the Mojo Marketplace spam factory starts at the level of the parent company. I strongly recommend that no one do business with Endurance International Group (EIG) companies. A list of those most-likely rogue companies is at If you are already doing business with them, I hope you will leave them like I am doing to make a statement.

    dirtmaker Mar 24, 2014

    Your post does not belong here. Go sell somewhere else!

      Alex Nuta Mar 24, 2014

      Thanks for the good catch on that. I’ve removed the spam.

      Mike Mar 24, 2014

      Sorry guys.. I just wanted to help.. I didn’t put a link in there.. it’s just a site that helped me out of a jam.. mojo sucks .. I don’t want to spam, just to help.. take care.. I’m out!

    Ted Goslin Mar 27, 2014

    I just purchased a theme from them and then found this blog. I’m sorry I didn’t research first. I’ve tried contacting them and haven’t heard anything. I asked for a refund. Is there any chance I get it or do I have to take them to small claims court?

      Alex Nuta Mar 27, 2014

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Mojo Themes, Ted, but this is a completely different issue.
      Mojo Marketplace is an automated script installer. Mojo Themes is a theme store. While they are owned by the same group, personally I have had no problems with Mojo Themes.
      Mojo Marketplace, on the other hand, has caused a lot of us some considerable pain.

      I hope you get your refund. Let us know what happens.

    Lilly Apr 02, 2014

    Thank you for posting this!
    I have just finished installing MANUALLY Prestashop! I have been trying with Mojo for 3 days now to install and try some ecommerce scripts without success. I love Bluehost and I have been hosting all my sites there since 2007 without any issues. I have also installed and uninstalled all those years several scripts through Simple Scripts effectively and easily. Since Mojo replaced that wonderful service with that NO so “Single Click Installs” I have never succeeded to install anything!
    Besides, yesterday I complained on their facebook page about it, ( I was not the only one) and today I am banned from their page? I think they are just a “joke” this company! When I went through their support forums they ask the people to check firewalls, the PHP ini files, etc etc….saying that could be somewhere there the installation problems! Are they serious? I am a woman who is lucky enough to have a basic knowledge about all these BUT what about others, who want just to install a simple wp blog without having any knowledge on ini files and .htaccess? After all, WHY DO THEY CALL IT “Single Click Installs” ? In my opinion they should resell immediately the simple scripts to a better company who can make it WORK!

      Alex Nuta Apr 02, 2014

      It would have been awesome if you had managed a screen shot of that before you got kicked out. While I understand why they want to keep it quiet and out of the social media limelight, the fact remains that the censorship tactic is only resorted to if you have no intention of correcting the problem.
      Transparency has never been a strength of Bluehost or its parent companies.
      There is a real problem and it should be addressed.

    Vassili Apr 10, 2014

    What a bullshit that Mojo is.
    I can’t install Joomla without sample data. Even though the installation is 50% stable on it’s own, erasing all those sample images of apples and oranges and stupid Lorem Ipsum articles is so frustrating.
    Why can’t they use the same feature as Simple Scripts did? There was a simple checkbox asking whether you want a sample data or not.
    What a nightmare. They still don’t have it.

    Joe May 02, 2014

    Same problem here, I came to your post when searching for the reason Bluehost is using Mojo themes script to install WP now I know better. I am equally pissed off, I commend you for this post, you save my day of more agony. I have gone back to the old days of doing it manually.

    Mike Jun 10, 2014

    Guess what it’s 2014 and Mojo still sucks major ass, making your article the most relevant of the last 2 years.

    Dwayne Jun 19, 2014

    Thanks – Saw a not that MOJO is a plugin. Sweet. I thought it was going to be work to remove. To remove Mojo Marketplace Just deactivated the plugin.

    james Jul 01, 2014

    I also thank you for posting this. Came up on first page of I have just started with iPage, they have other tools as Weebly, which I am using for now, tho I intend to learn html, etc and do it all manually. I tried other choices as the Simple Scripts, all them pointed to this Mojo, so luckily I searched first and your posting came up! Thanks to all here, and I wish you all the best.

    For myself (and as a newbie i may not know what i am talking about), iPage has been quite easy so far, detailed help. Guess I just got lucky otherwise. For other hosts, i would suggest Dreamhost, which does not use Mojo. I’d start with Dreamhost but I couldnt resist iPage pricing for now. Dreamhost uses their own in-house control panel setup.

    Thanks again.

    Victor Yataco Jul 12, 2014

    I can’t install Magento with Mojo. Is really a crap to invest in services and doesn’t work

    CPRMan57 Aug 02, 2014

    I am disgusted with this f uc k ing piece of s h i t Mojo Marketplace company, whose only function is to be aggressive in selling you something regardless if you are a webmaster and you don’t want it. The low has come when they constantly install this plugin which no one wants in the first place. Why the h e l l would you install a plugin just so someone could buy a theme or something just one time. I thought Godaddy was the king of aggressive selling, Mojo beat them out easily on this one. These hosting companies that allowed this mojo to continue screwing their customers for the almighty dollar are never going to see another penny from me. Sad because I was going to Bluehost after my Ipage account expired.Now I have to look elsewhere where they don’t use this gutless software, Simple scripts.

    Rob Aug 15, 2014

    Same problem here.

    In the past I have installed several WordPress sites with Simple Scripts but Mojo is a nightmare.

    I can’t get it to install at all. I tried renaming the htaccess file as suggested but it didn’t help. I have asked bluehost to do a manual fix and have my fingers crossed

    And while I’m moaning about Mojo their automatic upgrades of versions sucks too. Simple Scripts did a much better job. These days it’s less of an issue as WordPress do one click upgrades but in the old days you could click all your blogs and simple scripts would update all of them en masse instead of having to go into every website/blog and update each of them.

    Mojo SUCKS! I’m too lazy to do a manual install so I’m hoping BlueHost will fix this but then of course there will be the next website and more hair tearing.

    Caroline Sep 22, 2014

    The hosting package in itself is not wrong, but I had a few problems with Blue Host downtime, and the support desk is a disaster. They hardly respond to open tickets, even though they have a priority code. My site was down for four days since I had exceeded my data limit. It took me four days to purchase a larger package, and in the meantime the site was not accessible. Now they have recently installed a new security feature on their server that prevents you from sending large numbers of emails. After 1500 emails the server blocks all outgoing email traffic. This is introduced without consultation and because of this I can no longer send my newsletter. It’s time to leave them!

      Alex Nuta Oct 07, 2014

      I agree both with the downtime and with the support desk comments.
      As for the email limitation I’ll just say that if you’re sending 1500 emails and more, you probably should be using a proper email service, like Mailchimp or one of many others.
      That’s too much email to go through your regular server, and you’ll end up on a blacklist for sure.
      Thanks for your comment.

    Varlin Oct 07, 2014

    Thank you for this great post. I wonder why there aren’t more IT guys like you reporting these issues. Before MOJO, SimpleScripts was doing very well. Man, even the oldest Fantastico was pretty fast and reliable. Every WP website I tried to upgrade via Mojo was rendered UNUSABLE instantly. Luckily, I only upgraded blogs that were a few hours old as an experiment.

    For my oldest blogs I have been using WP auto-upgrades via WP dashboard and it works nicely, but anyway, it’s annoying that the first time one creates a WP site the same dashboard is flooded with Mojo things I don’t know how to get rid of. Even worse, as of today, one has to close about 7 annoying pop-ups during a single WP install. That translates into many man-hours lost everywhere. What a nerve!

      Alex Nuta Oct 07, 2014

      Actually, I no longer user the Mojo dashboard at all.
      I upload WordPress to a directory, create the database and user for access in my cPanel, update the wp-config.php file and run the index.php installer.
      No more problems ever.

    David Livingstone Dec 01, 2014

    Here’s an update from near the end of 2014. Nothing has fucking changed! [That expletive makes me feel marginally better]

    David Livingstone Dec 01, 2014

    Does what SimpleScripts should but doesn’t. Caveat: you need to setup MySQL database FIRST, and have DB credentials ready to submit. Flawless with Bluehost FTP.

    paul Jan 19, 2015

    Innovation is an evolutionary process. It takes time, profound body of knowledge and continuous passionate efforts to build technology and process breakthroughs.
    Regards – marketplace scripts

    J.Dabz Jan 29, 2015

    Hey Guys

    Just bought a domain name from bluehost, I installed WordPress on it, installed a theme,edit some header, when I sent the URL to my friend to see if its okay, he said its all Mojo appearing in their and nothing relevant to our planned website… when I checked the URL using different browser in my computer, yes I saw mojo marketplace with a message on it that my new blog is still coming soon..I spent a couple of hours thinking how to that stuff out of my blog and made my content appear in the internet, ( the reason why I stumbled in this article) till the idea came into my mind that Mojo is just a wordpress plugin, if it so I can deactivate it or delete in from my database, which is exactly what I did. When I checked my new blog using other computer, mojo is gone… did I make it right guys? or still there is other problem that I just did not understand… Im a newbie

      Alex Nuta Feb 04, 2015

      No, that’s it.
      When you install WordPress on Bluehost using Mojo, it installs the Mojo plugin, which is what you were seeing.
      You can deactivate and uninstall from the plugins panel quite safely.

    elizabeth thompson Feb 09, 2015

    FUCK! Thank you for giving me a place to publicly curse. I am a novice beginner, just spent (for me) a FORTUNE to set up a little non-profit website…..I was taken in by WordPress and Bluehost, blah, blah, blah. All I get are pop-ups asking me to SPEND MORE MONEY to let them handle all this….where the HELL is SimpleScripts?? Every tutorial I find to help me muddle thru this installation wants me to use SimpleScripts, WTF?

    Thank you for your information….I will have to figure this else on a different path …..

      Alex Nuta Apr 07, 2015

      Let me know if I can help, Elizabeth.
      I do a lot of work for non-profits, some free, some at deeply discounted rates.

    Sherlock Feb 18, 2015

    Fuck is right. And you know what? I just typed a lengthy comment, then entered a wrong captcha and *poof*, comment gone. This sucks.

    Anyway, not going to type it again. Just know this: on Feb. 18, 2015 Mojo still sucks a big one and is unable to install, uninstall, or upgrade.

    Shannon Mar 04, 2015

    Whenenver I try to do oneclick install with mojo, I get this error with all the scripts
    We tried to create a database for you, but for some reason it failed. You can try again, or contact support for more assistance.”
    I tried many scripts like, magento, wordpress, piwik etc.. I get this error. When I ask the support they want to me create database mannually. Which is a very irresponsible behaviour.

    Let me know do you have any solution for this.

      Alex Nuta Apr 07, 2015

      I don’t even try.
      Now I set it up from scratch myself.
      I create the database using their MySQL panel, make a user, give it full database access, then copy/paste that information into the wp-config.php file.
      Then I use the browser to run the installation straight in WordPress. It works flawlessly every time.

    Peter Reck May 09, 2015

    I have discovered .ss_backup files in most main directories in my Hostmonster account. HM said it is from the Mojo Marketplace One Click installations. Before I delete them,I wanted to find out what they are good for?



      Alex Nuta May 09, 2015

      I’m not familiar with Hostmonster.
      I don’t see those files in my Bluehost directories

    Peter Reck May 09, 2015

    Hm, thanks Alex, I understand that BH and HM are pretty much under the same roof! – I did extensive research to find out what those .ss_backup files mean, to no avail. A bit paranoid to delete them, but quite tempted since HM support said they are related to Mojo Marketplace. While I share your frustration with Mojo Marketplace, I do want to post a plug for HM, they have been really good lately! – I did notice that there is *no way* to get in touch with Mojo MP, a very poor way to do business, especially since there are still so many issues. It would be great to have another solution to manage my WP installations in my HM cpanel.

    Ellen May 13, 2015

    Thanks for the warning!

    Peter May 29, 2015

    To be fair: I got in touch with HM, and they showed me the support area for Mojo MP. Once I contacted them, they were quite friendly and addressed my questions. The gal that responded wasn’t all that up on the technical details, but she answered my questions and I was left with a good feeling that they do care! – Just wanted to give some credit where credit is due ;-)…………


    Marion Jun 05, 2015

    Mojo says “not able to uninstall” – started digging – found this site.
    Removed the databases manually, plus removed all residual files.
    Not even sure this was correct thing to do.
    In the process discovered that even when Mojo says it uninstalled –
    all databases stay in place.
    So it only removes items from the view each and every time
    Have to keep using Mojo because it is much more pain to do things manually
    At least until I learn to install from scratch

      Peter Jun 05, 2015

      Marion: Am not an expert, but have found this:
      – installing through Mojo works easy and well
      – the directory of installations in Mojo just keeps track of what was installed and unistalled through Mojo
      – if you do it manually, I have done it many times, i.e. just removed all the files, it won’t “update” the directory in Mojo (“my installs”)………….you can manually adjust that: If you click “uninstall” it gives you also the option of “remove from directory” (or something to that extent).

      In summary, I have used Mojo for installations/uninstallations, but typically make sure *all* files are removed and the installation is removed from “my installs” in Mojo.

      Hope this helps.

      And as I posted above, they are available to help you if you contact them.


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    lora May 28, 2016

    Anyone know where Mojomarketplace is located? Im going to report them to the BBB Blue Host is also another rip off.

    Jon Dec 05, 2016

    I installed WP using the MoJo Marketplace install function from Bluehost and after some time I noticed that certain fonts were not working. I examined the source code and discovered that the page was being cached by something called Endurance Cache. when I renamed the folder endurance-page-cache the problem was solved. but then some time afterwards another folder called endurance-page-cache was created and the same problem with the fonts came back. I already disabled the Mojo plugin so how is this happening. Any ideas?

    Samuel Mar 21, 2017

    Sorry, for the above error message I posted without saying anything. Yes, it is very frustrating to receive such when I would like to go to Moro to click install. There are more scripts like this and what I posted above is the first paragraph.
    I couldn’t do anything. It’s just frustrating. Any workaround? Thanks.


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