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Mojo Marketplace Diary of Fail

July 8, 2013

That’s it! I’ve had it!

I’m starting a Mojo Marketplace Diary of Fail.

EDIT: I should qualify that by saying that I’m talking specifically about the One-Click Install feature connected to Bluehost.

Starting right now, I’m going to write down every time this shitty piece of software craps out which, so far, has been on EVERY SINGLE INSTALL ATTEMPT.

2013-06-23 : Attempt to install WordPress fails

2013-06-23 : Technician suggests the problem is permissions related. This was a new folder. Permissions were default and correct according to technician’s instructions.

2013-06-24 : Technician suggests the problem is with my .htaccess file. Renamed .htaccess file. Fails again. I get a little upset.

2013-06-25 : Technician installs WordPress himself instead. I call it a job well done.

2013-06-25 : I ask what the problem was, the technician tells me the php.ini was interfering with the install script… what? Nevermind. I don’t want to know.

2013-06-28 : Attempted to install WordPress on another domain. It fails. I cuss and throw stuff. Resolve I don’t need to install WordPress. This is a low-priority project.

2013-07-05 : Attempt to install vTiger CRM fails

2013-07-05 : Technician suggests it might be the php.ini file located in the root folder. There was no php.ini file located in the root folder.

2013-07-05 : Technician suggests I rename the public_html folder and try to reinstall to see what happens. Nothing. Nothing happens. I rename it back on my own initiative because otherwise… I have no websites. Schmuck.

2013-07-08 : Attempt to install Magento fails. I go to bed instead. Tomorrow is a new day.

2013-07-09 : A new day full of fail. The attempt to install Magento fails again. I click on “Show debug” to see if there’s an error message, but the link to the image that is supposed to be a screenshot of the error is broken: So take-this broken link

2013-07-09 : Magento installation succeeds on a different account, different server, different domain. I feel dizzy with accomplishment. No one will know why this successful installation happened.

2013-07-09 : My excitement was short-lived. Despite a success screen confirming the user ID and password, the assigned user ID and password does not, in fact, log into the admin panel of Magento. In actuality, it does nothing. The “Forgot your password” link works, but an email is never sent, I suspect because Bluehost’s SMTP relay is on port 26 rather than 25. Some may argue that they do this to deter spammer, but I think they do it to annoy people and make things generally unpleasant. Either way, I am now the proud owner of a perfectly unusable Magento installation. Thanks, Mojo.

2013-07-10 : Tentative hope! After finding my blog post, (bonus points for proper social media monitoring, by the way) Mojo contacted me and are now testing installations on both my accounts. I’ve seen no less than 4 successful installation emails. Waiting with baited breath to hear that it’s OK to install again. Of course, when I last tried to install Magento I got a successful install email only to find myself locked out of the installed copy… So, tentative hope.

2013-07-11 : Though I had been told I’d receive an email asking for more information by Mojo, I never did receive an email. I also didn’t get a message that it was OK to install things again, but I gave it a shot anyway, since I’m trying to reset a current installation of WordPress. No such luck. Debug screen shows a blank password… This gives me an idea!

2013-07-11 : SUCCESS!!!! I installed WordPress through Mojo! The problem seems to be that the script blanks out complex passwords! Using a simple password (no special characters) the installer completed! I think this also explains why I was locked out of the Magento installation. In that instance, the installer probably completes, but strips special characters from the admin password. Off to test my theory!

2013-07-11 : Tried to uninstall the password-locked Magento through Mojo. Uninstall hangs, without an error message. Looks like I’m going to just delete the database and files manually.

2013-07-11 : Uninstallation happened successfully even though the web page never confirmed the action completed.

2013-07-12 : Reinstalled Magento with a simple alphabetic password. Install completed successfully, but the combination of admin id and password confirmed by the installation screen didn’t work to get into the administration menus. Password recovery link doesn’t send an email. Not surprising, really, since it’s not configured to relay mail yet.

2013-07-18 : Tired of waiting, I try to install Magento onto a dummy directory. This time it errors out saying there’s not enough memory set: “ERROR: The script requires a minimum INI setting for memory_limit of 256M and it is set to 128M.”

2013-07-19 : Thanks to a Bluehost technician the memory limit setting was put back to 256M, so I was able to once again install Magento. Magento installed successfully, and I was ready to call it a win, but no. We’re still on the Mojo Failboat. The password given during installation was not correctly installed. I’ll have to hack into this one too. Why is it so hard to transfer a string? I didn’t even use a complicated password!

2013-09-17 : My work has kept me busy, but today I went back to install another WordPress instance for a client. Since I didn’t have a lot of time, I decided I was going to use the Mojo Installer. Surely by now they’ve fixed it. I entered the required information, but I didn’t want to take a chance, and I used a simple password. The same one that I previously used on 2013-07-11 and had worked. This time, an error message appeared to let me know that the password must be a minimum of 8 characters. Fair enough. I make the change and I go to press on … wait… The button says loading. It’s not clickable. There’s a button next to it to change the install directory. That one seems to work, but I don’t want to press it yet because if I do, it’ll start over again and I’ll lose the information I entered. The “Loading” button never unfreezes, however, so I have to press the change directory button. Of course I have to re-enter the information, but then it works. Maybe my standards have eroded, because I’m calling this one a win.

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    Scott Aug 01, 2013

    I am having the same issues with the crappy piece of $h!t MOJO. On every attempt to install an app using the one-click method it sits there with the spinning cursor, either in the queing, pending, or installing mode showing. Then it eventually times out with an error. And the show error/debug link does nothing. I am hosted on Hostmonster, which I believe is also a part of the Bluehost group. Even trying to do an update from the MOJO window when it shows an update is available also fails.
    Not sure is Simplescripts was bought by MOJO or the host provider switched to MOJO. Either way MOJO stinks, and I wish the hell I had Simplescripts back as it actually worked the majority of the time. Keeps us posted if you ever resolve these issues.

    GS Aug 18, 2013

    Thank you, Alex. Your post reflects my own recent sentiments, and then some…

    I have been a HostMonster (same as BlueHost) user for many many years. I have established and used several hosting accounts under my name and dozens of recommendations for others (and help to others) to use HostMonster.I currently have two BEFORE the horror story that follows. The main reasons for my enthusiasm and loyalty were: 1. The ease of use of SimpleScripts (admittedly not perfect) that made possible to establish an account and to get it up and running in no time and 2. There 24×7 capable tech support. This weekend, I have been going through the EXACT opposite. This is not my first negative encounter with Mojo, but certainly the worst and a likely cause for me to switch hosting providers.

    Here is my recent story:

    Early pm Friday I established a brand new hosting account with HostMonster including a new domain (purchased in the process). Have done it many times. And like in the past, I rushed into SimpleScript (yes, this is still the name one it) to install some packages. In the third or so step, when asked “Select which domain you would like to install to:”, the popup menu was populated only with an IP address – not a domain. And it would not install onto the IP address either.

    I spoke several times with Tech Support (total of over 3 hours easy). They were friendly (except for the one that said that I should contact Mojo). They were all equally useless in explaining, let alone solving the problem. The only explanation I was getting was that the new domain has not yet propagated “sufficiently” for Mojo to list it although (and I checked) for HM and every one else to catch it. So I asked them to remove the account and recreate it. Three different guys (and others “behind/above” them told me that they can’t and that I have two options: 1. Wait until 24 hours have passed from the time I purchased the domain (and established the account) to allow “more” propagation, or 2. Cancel the new account, get my money back and then create a new account with the same domain.

    Since I got fed up with this experience, I decided to wait… It is now 36+ hours after the purchase, and Mojo remains defiant… The unpleasant-looking, patched-eye, chopped-hand, little green ugliness known as Mojo continues to render my new HostMonster account useless while grinning at me annoyingly.

    Lastly, here is a teachable moment… I moved to HostMonster after several happy years with LunarPages.I made the switch following a series of similar symptoms – bad server configuration and terrible customer support. Let’s hope that HostMonster/BlueHost will recognize the symptoms before the illness becomes terminal.

    Aaron Sep 02, 2013

    As of 2 September, the Upgrade All Installs function still breaks.

      Braden Oct 22, 2013

      As of 21 October, Upgrade All Installs is still broken – and continues to corrupt existing installations. (i.e. roundcube)

    KT Nov 22, 2013

    Hello Alex, any news on this as of November 22, 2013? I’m in the process of migrating a WordPress build, which isn’t working with Mojo.

    I typed in “Mojo sucks” out of frustration in Google and stumbled on your posts. Just curious if you’ve heard anything new from BH – I’m thinking about changing hosts over this; some other things in the CPanel aren’t working, after many years of reliable service. Very frustrating.

      Alex Nuta Nov 29, 2013

      No further communications from Mojo.
      I had been encouraged originally because I received a call from the president after my posts started making the first page on Google, but the line’s gone dead.
      There has been no improvement and no further communication from them to try to get this right.
      I am now hosting several of my new applications on an in-house server and plan to transition the rest of them by Q2 2014, and close my Bluehost account.

      It’s the end of an era for me.

    Diana Feb 22, 2014

    If a BlueHost newbie inadvertently clicked on the Mojo option and would now like to undo that option and use the WordPress interface, is that possible? I’m familiar with WordPress and my website needs are very basic; I’m REALLY resenting the fact that clicking on the WordPress option in BlueHost automatically redirects me through the Mojo alien technology nonsense.

      Alex Nuta Feb 26, 2014

      Hi, Diana.

      Best thing to do is to go into your hosting service by FTP and delete the WordPress files that were installed by Mojo.
      Then go into your database management and delete the database created there.
      Next, download the WordPress package and upload it to your site as per the instructions.
      Finally, fire up your browser, point it to the installation file in /wp-admin/install.php and enjoy a trouble-free install.

      Let me know if I can help.

        Diana Feb 26, 2014

        This worked well — thank you!

    Jeffrey Driver Mar 07, 2014

    I’ve started having all kinds of problems since JustHost started using Mojo. I’ve noticed that the Mojo site is still in Beta! Would have preferred that if JustHost insisted on using it, they should have waited until the site was out of Beta. I’ve complained to my hosting provider – I hope that others do too. I can no longer do anything through Mojo, including installing new sites or deleting old ones.

    dirtmaker Mar 21, 2014

    When I clicked an innocent-looking icon in my Netfirms control panel, Netfirms signed me up for a Mojo Marketplace account without my knowledge or permission. The Mojo welcome email had “spam factory” written all over it. The instant I saw it, I knew that email address was toast. And it was. Six days later, I started getting a flood of spam on an email address which had not been spammed since I created it over five years ago. I documented the miserable experience at

    Pat May 18, 2014

    Alex, I share your sentiments. I feel a lot better now that I have come across your site! 🙂

    Mojo is just…Junk (with a capital “J”)!

    My issues started when they assigned me a user name that I cannot rid myself of. I don’t even know how they came up with it, but it makes me not want to install WordPress anymore.

    Things used to be so much simpler with my host before they went to Mojo marketplace.

    It seems every time I go to do something, there is some new technological hurdle I need to jump through in order to get back to business.

    Thanks for the idea of simply downloading WordPress and uploading it from your local computer. I may just go and do that.

    What a pain.

    Thanks for allowing me to post here. Very cathartic.

    Best wishes,


    Patrick May 22, 2014

    Hi, having issues with mojo…wondering if you were to communicate with me if i could lay out my issues to see if you can help, please advise. (phone conversation possible i live south shore of Montreal.)
    Thank you

      Alex Nuta May 22, 2014

      Sure thing.
      Just sent you a private message to your registered email.

    Amy Leigh Strickland Aug 04, 2014

    iPower Recently switched to this piece of crap and now I can’t install a WordPress site in a directory of my website either. First I got a DNS error. Then I got a message saying my domain wasn’t registered with my host (it has been for FOUR YEARS), and then I got an install that came with a broken theme so the front page wouldn’t load. I changed the theme from WP-Admin and set to work, only to have weird 500 Internal Server Errors with pretty much every plugin I installed. So I uninstalled WordPress and tried to install it again… now it won’t let me. It’s BS, and I’ve spend about 12 hours of work time now fighting to have an empty directory.

    Chris Sep 22, 2014

    What the heck is Mojo? I went to do a WordPress install in the cpanel of my account with Hostmonster and didn’t use the “Mojo Marketplace” category. Went to “Install WordPress”, clicked and then “MojoMarket Place” was all over the place and appeared to have control of other domains. I looked for a way to contact “MojoMarket Place” to see what the hell was going on and there doesn’t appear to be an way of getting a response from them. It provides a street address! What is the deal here? If I did click on the wrong button somewhere it was only once.

    Dave Dec 09, 2014

    Fell for the Cyber Bundle,
    nowhere was it stated that the themes were one domain licensed and it was reasonable of me to expect that the templates would with the demo data look reasonably like the demo sites showcased. However as far as I can see that information is only disclosed once the purchase is completed and an account opened. I added the theme as per the instructions and downloaded the demo data. The demo data returned a lot of errors during the process as well as downloading some of the data that did load in.
    The result was very disappointing.
    The site was quite broken. I expected that I would have to just fill in content not fix faulty widgets and add ins. There is much work and time needed to complete a site or even to get a site functioning as per the description.
    Its not a lot of money and I should have realized it was too cheap to be true or that it was just a hook to open an account.
    I am very surprised that Hostgator is part of this dishonest sales promotion.

    What the advertising should have disclosed is
    1 Use limited to one domain per theme
    2 Themes won’t look like our demo sites
    3 You have to create an account with us (MOJO) to download your themes
    4 Good working knowledge of Word-press essential
    5 Full terms and conditions should be plainly displayed.

    My opinion is just don’t go there, hopefully it will save someone some headaches

    J.Dabz Jan 29, 2015

    I also have the same problem just now! GRRR! pls help guys how to get out of this MOJO cage…

    Gabe May 07, 2015

    Hi folks, I’ve been spending incredible hours on this too! It seems I found a way to trick my way into Mojo installing Magento. A few pointers:
    – I had a fresh domain/sub-domain create (the latter in my case), with no files other than the naturally added by BlueHost (e.g. htaccess and error pages).
    – I then opened the “File Manager” from cPanel, looked up the folder were I’d install Magento (if you are installing in a folder other than the root).
    – Deleted nearly all original files, only leaving the htaccess.
    – Went into BlueHostForums (note this needs a new registration) and downloaded a clean php.ini file. This is the link if you don’t to google it: . The file will be named with .txt which you just need to remove.
    – Back in the File Manager, upload the clean php.ini file to the folder you wish to install.
    – As per Alex’ comments above, there may be an issue with the limit size. To up those limits you can follow these instructions:

    It sounds cumbersome, but it was the only way I managed to get the one-click install working with Magento. I have no IT background at all, but it was a lot of trial and error (a LOT!)

    Yatin Mulay Sep 11, 2016

    Dumping my 10 yrs old Hostmonster account for the absolutely incompetent & criminal time waster piece of crap called MOJO Marketplace.

    Even after THREE YEARS these douchebags at mojo have not resolved this ( as of Sept 2016, the problem persists. When contacted approx 3 months Hostmonster said there is no ETA and when i called out Mojo in a tweet, their reply was to simply block 😉

    Bottomline: Dump any host that uses the defunct, overtly salesy Mojo installers.


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